United Matamata Squash aims to promote and foster the game of squash with equal emphasis given to competitve,junior and social players.
All members will be made welcome and encouraged to participate fully in club activities and will be invited to assist when necessary with the running of the club.
Aaron Kopittke,Zac Millar,
Amanda Landers-Murphy,Emma Millar

Aaron Kopittke,Zac Millar,

Amanda Landers-Murphy,Emma Millar

2016 Open Winners - Amanda Landers-Murphy
Zac Millar
2016 Open Winners

Amanda Landers-Murphy

Zac Millar

Club Ladder

The ladder system has moved with the times and has gone online.

How It Works

A copy of the ladder will be on the notice board at the club which will be updated every week. In order to be on the ladder you will need a unique email to login, for those of you ie families with more than one squash player I have just put in a made up email. If in time you do get a separate email, then I can change this for you. The ladder is setup so you can challenge someone ten places ahead of you.

If you want to go on the ladder from now on, then you will be placed on the bottom.

If any club night games fall into these criteria, then they will count as a ladder challenge.

If any ladder games are played outside of club night then just txt me 0276024145 the result,

At the end of the year there will be a trophy for the ladder winner. But here is the catch.

The person at the top of the ladder wont necessarily be the winner. The person with the most points will be.

So the points work like this

Match score points

3-0 4-1

3-1 4-2

3-2 4-3

So the more games you play then the more points you get.


2016 has arrived..... R u ready?

We are lucky in Matamata to have a Squash Club like ours. Great facilities, Hard working Committee and a stunning membership to be proud of.

Our focus this year is to increase our active members, so if you know someone that wants to have a go, bring them to the club, show them the facilities and introduce them to some of the other members. Lets get our club pumping.

Just a little reminder to all our members using the courts in their own time. PLEASE make sure you turn off all lights, close all doors and any heating in changing areas are turned off.

We have had a number of times recently where these have been left on or open. It may not be just Squash members as we share the facilities, but if we can all do our best to be vigilant then hopefully we can set a good example for everyone using them. Thanks

Keep up the good work. Do us proud!!!!