Membership Attributes & Conditions

Squash was recently rated as the number one healthiest sport in the world by the highly credited Forbes Magazine which rated sports on their levels of fitness, speed, flexibility, risk of injury and strength.

This combined with a sport that can be played at any time (night or day), in any weather, at over 230 locations throughout New Zealand makes the sport popular, easy to find and a great way to have fun while getting fit.

Members of United Matamata Squash are entitled to participate in all club events and activities. Being affiliated with Squash Waikato and Squash New Zealand also allows entry into any tournament around the country.

With the purchase of a one off (and refundable) $10 electronic key tag, members can access the courts at any time at their leisure. Subject to court availability, they can can access the court lights and have free use of a court and the showers and changing room facilities afterwards.

Court bookings can be done through Hello Club

or on the booking computer at the club.

New players are entitled to up to 3 club night games before deciding to become a member.

The membership year goes from 1st April to 31st March, with a 6 monthly sub available for players joining after October. Existing members who have not renewed their sub by April will have their electronic key disabled and will not be able to participate in club events.

Each membership is subject to approval by the Committee.

In becoming a member, players agree to abide by all club rules and regulations.

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